Sounds and smells

Smell is one the greatest memory functions we have. We have all experienced a smell from years gone by and the lightning speed with which your mind recalls that event and moment from your memory. Quite amazing really. Think of it as a search engine that God created that pulls data faster than any man-made computers.

Sound is also a memory function but not nearly as strong as smell.

Across from our office building there is a new office building under construction. This morning as I walked in, one of the pieces of equipment made an identical sound (pop pop pop) like an old John Deere tractor. I stopped where I was and turned to look in the direction the sound was coming from and was instantly taken back to my childhood to our grandparent’s farm on my father’s side. This farm was outside of Campbell MO where all the Thompson side of my family were from. My grandfather farmed his own land and had two old John Deere tractors. Anyone who ever heard one of these old tractors run, knows it had a unique sound unlike any other tractor. It basically made a deep popping sound that varied with speed.

This morning (in my memory) I was 6 years old walking with my grandfather while he talked to me and let me sit on the tractor, fed the livestock, how we walked around the home place and he taught me about animals, family, love and life. The one thing I remember most about him besides his love, was he was never in a hurry and always had time for me. He and my grandmother are buried in a graveyard on J-Highway between Campbell and Mauldin Missouri. In that same graveyard are my great grandparents and my great-great grandparents and all the children, cousins and Thompson family.

Memories are a funny thing to children and trust me, they will remember who you were. Most of all, they will remember if you loved them. KT

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  1. I have a smell memory. Every time I smell home cooked fried okra, I go back to our Curtis Dr. house with Momma in the kitchen cooking supper on a hot summer evening. I was about 9 years old and she taught me how to cook okra that summer.

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