A regular day

I have written about this subject several times, but I cannot seem to escape the power of the subject. It compels me to talk about it again.

The subject is a regular day, a normal day, a routine day, and a day just like any other day.

These are the kind of days that people long for and want again, who have lost friends, family, jobs, health, hope, peace, and joy.

You may be one of these examples– A young father who is still trying to find his place and is searching for significance in his life. A young mother with little children that seems to be dragged down by the mundane task of raising children. An older man or women who know that retirement is near and it scares them. A man who has just found out that the people he works for have been lying to him. A senior citizen who is in poor health and knows that life will never be like it was. A young family or middle-aged family who have lost their way and don’t know how to get back on track. An investor who knows he made a bad investment and doesn’t know what to do. The person that sits at Starbucks because they just need to be around other people even if they don’t talk to them. The person who has lost hope. The person who is depressed and can’t see out of the black hole. The person who is afraid. The person who is experiencing fear of things they never feared before. The person that has had a health event that will forever change who they are and how they live.

You get the idea.

The next time you have a day that is routine, normal and just a plain ole day without any drama, fear or life changes, stop where you are and say a prayer of thanks to the Lord for letting you be in that moment. You will not always have those kinds of days and there will come a time when you will long for and remember the joy of those days.

Embrace them, cherish them, live in them, breathe them in, and make the most of those normal, routine, regular days. KT

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