Recognizing the gift of today

I am not sure how to really express this, but today (and every day) is an unimaginable gift. I know people (I am one of them) that get so wrapped up in what we are doing and in our work that we just run by and completely miss the gifts around us.

Over the past 18 months I have lost some close friends who probably thought that they themselves had a lot more time, but God called them home early. I can’t explain it, but the fall season makes me reflect on life around me and the moments that have shaped who I am. I remember meeting my wife for the first time in science class in high school, holding my daughter’s hands when we had bedtime prayers, the little song I would sing to them when they were little, looking into the eyes of the men they married that would take my place in their hearts, holding my grandchildren for the first time. My specials memories could go on for pages.

My point, as the leaves are turning and Thanksgiving and Christmas is around the corner, take a moment and appreciate who and what is around you that God has let you live to see. Don’t ever take it for granted. I feel sure that my friends who left early would give everything they had for just another few days so they could properly say goodbye. In my business we have a saying, “don’t leave anything on the table” which means to give it your all. Today, make sure you don’t leave anything on the table of your life. KT

2 thoughts on “Recognizing the gift of today

  1. I agree completely………..After dealing with cancer and surviving I do realize every day is a blessing and I thank God everyday for giving me one more day.

    I don’t know how you have something so good everyday but I look forward to it and I’m sure many others do too. Keep it coming………..

    1. Susan,

      Thank you for your kind words. Elaine and I love you and Jim dearly and so glad you are doing well now. KT

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