My two son in-laws

Both of my daughters are married to some great guys. My oldest daughter has been married for 8 years and my youngest daughter has been married for almost 6 years.

I count myself very blessed because I not only have great son in-laws but I also look at them as sons. They are both very fine, honest and straightforward men. As a father, it brings great comfort knowing that your baby girls are married to the right kind of guys. So many fathers don’t know if their girls will be treated right and I believe it ages a father when they worry about their children’s happiness and safety.

All Elaine and I knew were girls because we never had sons. When I realized I had boys now in the family, it was like I had been released to go to car shows, play golf and do guy stuff.

My girls to this day never knew how closely I watched the boys they were dating, but trust me when I tell you, I had my finger on the pulse. If needed I would have literally put my finger on the boy’s pulse. Ha. There were a few guys they dated along the way that I didn’t like or trust and by the grace of God, they went by the wayside. I used to have visions of me and the boy’s fathers in the front yard having a fight because I had put their little baby boy in the hospital. Ha. If you have daughters, you know there is nothing that will stand between you and their safety.

When my oldest daughter brought her to-be husband home for the first time, I knew he was fine young man who was raised right and honest. You can see it in the eyes. When I met my youngest daughter’s to-be husband, he and I locked eyes and I could see he was pure, honest and good.

I will tell you I have the best God arranged for my daughters and my family. I literally would trust them with all I have and I did trust them with the most precious possessions Elaine and I have, our two daughters.

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