Mirror Ministry

There are many people who go through life and never understand the why, the how or the when. I believe if one can understand the why, they can get to the how and when of their life. Understanding the why, is, I believe the core issue to understanding who we become as a person. Back 29 years ago when I was at the point of bankruptcy, I found my why when I would look into the eyes of my wife and my two daughters. For me, that was enough. I didn’t need to read 21 books on life or hear speakers tell me the philosophy of changing or prioritizing my life. All I needed was my why, and I found it at home.

The title of this blog is mirror ministry and that simply means to look in the mirror because the only person that can change your life is looking back at you. No one else can decide and make you change. You can only make that decision yourself. It’s a funny thing that when you look in the mirror, it’s impossible to lie to yourself or use the excuses you tell others.

I was counseling with a person the other day and we discussed finding the why. The individual was consumed with wrong theology and basically stinking thinking. He/she just didn’t believe in their own self. I recommended an overnight trip to the mountains or just locking in the garage until they had the why in their life. The person did not take my advice and kept doing the same thing as before. They were either too afraid to honestly confront the person in the mirror or they were happy without knowing the why. They most likely will be in the same place in life five years from now as they are today.

The why makes hope come alive and hope, propels us to greater things in our life. There is something very special and very humbling when you force yourself to be honest on what is really holding you back. Don’t laugh, but when you are looking into the mirror, allow yourself to speak the words out loud. Examples would be “I am afraid because I am intimidated,” or “I am afraid because of what other people might think,” or, I don’t allow other people to see the real me because I am afraid they will disapprove.” This may sound strange, but it is biblical. The words that come out of your mouth represent what is in abundance in your heart. The only way to heal the fear, pain, hurt, failure is to speak the words out loud and let God help you deal with them. That may sound like hocus pocus magic but trust me when I tell you that the God that lives inside of you already knows the truth. He is just waiting for you to admit it. KT

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