Loving life

I was speaking with a client/friend yesterday who I have known for many years. Our conversations usually start with an update on our families and life in general. He asked me a simple question, how I was doing? We all get asked that question from time to time as a conversation starter but it is not usually a request for a detailed honest answer. Ha. Many times our answer is, great, fine, doing well, etc. With this particular person, he really was asking how I am doing and really expecting a detailed answer.

I thought about my answer and what came out of my mouth surprised even me. I told him that I was a very blessed man in every area of my life. I went in detail about the areas of my life to this client and friend. I told him about my wife, children, health, grandchildren, business, peace and joy. He told me about his life and it almost mirrored what I had told him. There we were, two men on call, both of which not only were blessed in life but most importantly, recognized and acknowledged how very blessed we are.

See, many people take for granted when things are good and forget to tell God how thankful they are. I find that most of the joys in life start with taking a personal inventory. When you stop and recognize God’s hand in your life, it brings a sense of well being and fulfillment. I have lost friends to an early death that should be still be alive, but are not. I have friends with health challenges, family challenges and many other life challenges that probably could not answer that question the way I was able to. Therefore, today, I can answer that question with love, joy and peace with a thankful heart. KT

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