Life’s greatest luxury

The greatest luxury in life, is time. I was told today about two people, one of whom I knew, had passed away this week. They we both in their mid to late 50’s.

I was asked this past week to teach our Sunday School class and as I was going over the material, the theme was, what would you do if you knew you only had a short time to live? Well at 8;30 on a Sunday morning, that got everyone awake. Ha.

Within the lesson I gave the mental image of a person being in a hospital bed surrounded by their family and knowing time was short. I ask what would you most want to say to your family in that situation? If you had that moment in time, what would your final instructions be? My guess is, after you told them you loved them, you would give them the very best advice, wisdom and instructions possible. You would leave them with the best fatherly or motherly advice you had. Knowing your time was limited, you probably wouldn’t waste a moment on unforgiveness, strife, anger or jealousy because those things will not matter anymore. What will matter the most is the wisdom your family leaves that room with to carry into their own life and the lives of your future generations. The words you would give them will the very best you have to offer.

Funerals have a way of getting the memory of a life very clear and very simple. I have never attended a funeral where the family parked the guy’s car outside so everyone could see it. Near the casket, there is no list of the investments the deceased owned or pictures of his boat or his houses or how many times he worked late or his greatest sales accomplishments. No, the only things you see are pictures of his life lived and pictures of his family. It’s amazing how simplistic a funeral can get to the core issues of our lives. Maybe, just maybe, while still living, we could adjust our thinking to what is really important and what is not important. Life itself is a luxury and the greatest of all, is time. KT

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