I won’t give up

There is a song titled “I Won’t Give Up,” and if you haven’t heard the song, you need to look it up on iTunes or YouTube.

The title of the song reminds me of the way a father feels about his children. A father will never give up on his children. Never. A father wants long life, health, prosperity and joy for his children. In fact, if a father could do something to make sure his children would have those things, he would do it even if it took everything he had.

If your father didn’t feel this way about you, then it is his loss. There are times when you hear of a father committing acts or doing things that are unbecoming to a real father. If this was your father and your experience, then my friend you have a choice. Carry the bitterness or forgive it and let it go. It’s your choice and you are the only one that can make it.

If you choose to let it go, I will tell you of a Father who will never waver. He is simply everything you will ever need. He will never forget, he will never leave you, he will never not love you, and he will never hold back his best from you. He is God, the creator and the first and the last.

So, the next time you hear the song “I won’t give up on you,” remember that is how your heavenly father feels about you and that is how fathers like me feel about their children. KT

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