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Maybe it is just me, but have you noticed a significant increase in people everywhere looking down at their phone? Airports, restaurants, grocery stores and many times even while driving. I was at the airport a couple weeks ago on a trip and almost everyone in the gate area was looking down at their phone. No interaction with their associates, family or even their own children.

Before the Blackberry (yes, I had one too) there was no reason to look at your phone unless it rang. People in restaurants actually talked with the people at their table. At the airports, people had their coffee and actually relaxed and watched the other people or read the newspaper. At a retail store, the teenagers actually looked around at the inventory and talked with their friends instead of looking at what the new insta or FB post is or what the Kardashians said.

I am ready (almost) to go back to the wall phone with the long squiggly cord and real newspapers at the front door. I am not ready to go back to the TV in the corner with three channels and all the commercials you must watch. Ha

Seriously, can’t we blend tech with actual life? Can’t we put down a cell phone and just be? Can’t we go a day without knowing who said what to who and what candidate just got their hand slapped? What I am about to say, I believe with all my heart. The person we will be in five years will be largely influenced by the books we read and the people we associate with. You might want to read that last sentence again.

I don’t want my future self in five years to be based on what some actor, actress, singer or politician said and what they wore to some event or what they ate at dinner. I am not unplugged yet, but I have the cord halfway out of the socket. KT   

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