Going back in time

There have been many movies made about traveling back in time and while they are interesting to think about, the truth is there is no time travel. We get one shot at being who we were meant to be. That’s it. One go, one time and one shot.

If you could go back in time, knowing the future might at first seem to be exciting, but knowing the future carries with it many tears and heartbreak. If you knew the day the lord would call you home, what a terrible existence that would be. If you knew you will lose a loved one on a certain day, how very awful that would be because there wouldn’t be anything you could do to change it.

Sure, you could make great amounts of wealth by knowing the future, but could you alter the life timing of those you love. The answer is no, you couldn’t.

We could all do well to imagine we know the future of those around us because it would force us to take note, focus, listen and love deeply those family members while we have them with us. I believe if we knew the future we would take the time to listen and show love without hesitation and hug your family members and make sure they know you love them.

I can honestly say that if I could choose any time period to live in or travel back to, it would be now. Right where I am at. I think that in itself is a great blessing. Sure, I wouldn’t have made some of the decisions I made in the past but all those decisions are part of where I am today. I wouldn’t trade today for anything. KT

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