Call Me the Breeze

After another day of devastation to the hotel markets, this afternoon I decided to listen to a little Lynyrd Skynyrd. Ha. One of my top five best songs of all time is, Call Me the Breeze. It was released in 1974 when I was junior in high school and It is probably the best cross over song every written that can be played as southern rock or bluegrass.

The band was formed in Ronnie Van Zant’s garage in Jacksonville FL in the mid-60” s and had three different names before settling on the name, Lynyrd Skynyrd around 1970. They named the band after their high school PE teacher Leonard Skinner and went on to be one of the best bands ever to grace a stage.

If you are older like me, the music from than time period is untouchable.  It can take your mind off your 401k and make you smile. Listen to it and see if you agree. KT

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