All hat and no cattle

This is an old Texas term to describe a cowboy that has all the right gear and the right look but doesn’t own any cattle. It means the person is trying to be more than he is. He wants people to think he is a large rancher, when he’s not.

Today’s term that means the same thing is, fake it till you make it. Same meaning just different words. We all have known people like this who need to put on an image that is different than who they really are. One of the most refreshing things is when you meet a person who is real and not trying to be someone they’re not. There is a certain ease about that person, and they seem much more engaging, and the conversation is much more free flowing. They are who they are.

If you could choose to me anyone, why not choose to be you. Everyone of us was created by design and for a purpose and everyone of us has different talents and gifts. God didn’t make you to be like someone else. He made you to be you because there is only one person in the world exactly like you, you

In the post COVID world, there seems to be a rise in identity crises for many people. They quote the sound bites they hear from news and social media thinking those words will make them into someone else. When God created each of us, he put a “ding ding” meter in us to discern the real intentions of other people. We all have it. When you try to be someone you are not, the other person’s meter quietly goes ding ding, and they can see through it. Be yourself. You are unique in many ways but the way to do your best in life and fulfill what God intended for you, it is be you. Dress like you, speak like you and act like you and it will amaze you how other people respond to you. They will see you for who you really are. You. KT

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