20 years

Stop for a minute and think with me about something that is very, very humbling and very, very real.

Think about 1994 in your life. Think about where you were, what you were doing, and how old your children were. What were you thinking about then and what was most important to you? Where did you live and where did you work?

This past week when we buried my stepmother, I was thinking about a 20-year span of time. Can you remember 20 years ago? I was 36 years old 20 years ago, my daughters were 10 and 7, and we had just moved to a new house we built.

As for me, I still have shirts hanging in the closet from 20 years ago, and I can remember when and where I bought them. I can remember seeing my little girls play in the swimming pool and have sleepovers with their friends. Like other guys, I can remember what I was driving and how much I paid for the car. I remember life’s little moments, like when I would pray with my girls at night and tell them I love them. The tree house I build them, their first dates, the tears when their hearts were broken over some boy, and when they started driving. I can remember so very, very well when they graduated high school, started college, and when they married. My memories are full of very good moments that I will keep with me until the day I die.

What really got me in the last week is that in the same 20-year span of time I can remember so well, is that if the Lord lets me live, I will be 76 years old. Think about 20 years from now in your own life. If you are still living in 20 years, tell me what you think will be important.

Now you have the point I am making. Life is short, even though we get bogged down in it. Sometimes, like today, we need to raise our heads and realize that life is passing by at an incredibly rapid rate. If you are reading this blog, you still have time to right wrongs, repair relationships, save for the future, and begin to prepare what you want your family to remember about your life. KT

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