Your purpose

Have you ever wondered where am I going and why am I here?

These are deep questions that I believe everyone asks from time to time in our life. We usually ask these questions when it seems life is in a routine and each day is like another.

I want to talk about this just a little. Routine, usual and common days are not always a bad thing. Many times these are the days of rest between changes we have just came through or changes we will be going through. Sometimes they are just a sweet life. I have had days of no rest because of stress, and I can tell you that I would rather have routine, usual and common days as compared to stress days.

Many times the greatest thing we can do is take an inventory of our current life. I find that when life is stressful, the only thing you want is to get back to routine days. Life can change in a blink, and we all know how fast it can happen. I have lost friends to sudden death and had friends get bad reports from doctors that changes the course of their life. Being truly thankful (not faking it) is a key component to the enjoyment of life.

Finding your purpose in life doesn’t nearly mean complicating every day with stress. I like to think that being where God wants you to be is peaceful and carries with it the joy of knowing you are where you are supposed to be. I believe if we ask God, he will show you the way and the place he wants you to be. Many times we do what we want and then ask God to bless our decision when it may not at all be where he wants us to be. Finding your place in life helps us rest easier knowing we are on the right road of life and trusting that God has our future in control so we don’t have to worry about it.

When we have a normal, routine day, it is common to wonder am I doing what I should be doing, going where I should be going, and living the life I should be living. I hope you have those kind of routine days because they are precious and priceless, and I hope you recognize them for what they really are. They are a gift from God, the gift of rest. KT

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