Your family

During this COVID time most every email or conversation starts with the question, “how is your family?” It is interesting that the first and most important question is in fact the most important thing in our lives. It’s our family.

This past weekend we had all our children, son in-laws and grandchildren (and four dogs) at our lake house. For three days we forgot about COVID and celebrated the lives of our family. We grilled out, watched movies, talked, laughed and rode WaveRunners on the Lake. I had my cell phone turned off most the weekend because all the ones I love most, were there with me.

In the news lately, there have been a lot of young adults that have died. I don’t remember every seeing so many young deaths in the news. They were from car wrecks, overdoses and even heart failure. The next time someone asks how your family is doing, remember to say a silent prayer of thanksgiving for those closest to you. They are more important than any deal, investment, job etc. They are the very reason you (hopefully) have joy in your heart today.

A dad with older daughters, greatest wish/hope is that they are safe, happy, prosperous, married to good men and going to be ok in life. KT

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