You know you getting old when…

I turn 62 in a few days and you know (if you didn’t already) you’re getting old if you can start drawing social security. Ha.

I was getting dressed this morning and for some reason I connected my age and social security. It took me a couple minutes to adjust to the new information and then I looked at myself in the mirror and didn’t know the gray headed guy staring back at me.

I am on a committee at our church and the “legacy” group (senior citizens) invited our committee to have lunch with their group this past Sunday. We got there and sat at our table and I looked over the room and there were probably 200 senior citizens looking back at us. As I looked over the crowd the thought struck me that in 10-15 years, that is going to be me. Then I thought about how fast the last 15 years have gone by and I was like, ok, that is a wow moment. Then I realized that I have suits and shirts from 15 years ago still hanging in my closet and most significant, I still wear them.

My dad and I were talking one time about age and I remember him saying “man it goes fast.” When you are 20 you want to hurry up and graduate and get going in your career and life and then at 30 you want to hurry up and get that house you have dreamed of and start doing well in your career and start saving and enjoying family trips etc. At 40 you start thinking about money, finances, growth yield and debt and then at 50, it is like ok, where am I at on my plan and how are the kids doing in college and how many grandchildren will we have. So here I am at 62 thinking, goodness I’m getting old. KT

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