You can’t stop life’s clock, but you can rewind it

Regardless of our age, we all seem to notice how fast the years get by. In my life, the last 10-12 years have slipped by so quickly it is a little scary.

The clock of life moves forward and there is no way to slow it down or make it pause. Every minute of every day is less time you have to be who you were meant to be. Even though we can’t stop the clock of life and it may sound funny, but we can rewind it for the next phase of our life. The term rewind means to renew the strength and get ready for the next time period

That is what we need to be doing in our life. Renewing our strength and getting ready for the next time period. I have seen many people remain stuck in the past while refusing to embrace the future. They play defense instead of offense. Life is much more fun on offense because you get to set the plays and the strategy. I have a friend of mine who lost his whole hotel company with about 40 hotels. Lost it all. I watched him rewind his clock and come back from that financial failure with a better company than the one he lost. Sure it takes mental fortitude and will power, but that is the difference between defense and offense.

Look at your life today. Are you just reacting to circumstances or are you moving forward with a plan. Everyone has the choice to let life’s clock just wind down or to reset your mind to the next phase of life. I like the idea of embracing age and the life cycles because it is really the only choice I have. I cannot go back and relive my 30’s or 40’s or even my 50’s. I am where I am and I cannot not change that. The only choice I have is to change my outlook.

Change your outlook because it makes life so much more fun. KT

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