You are either improving or getting worse

There was an NFL head coach that used to tell his players that every day, they were either improving or getting worse. The more I think about this, the more I believe it is true. Harmon Born used to say that the only way you can coast, is downhill.

Whether you are talking about relationships, marriage, finances, health, children or jobs, every day you are either adding building blocks or you are taking them away. Unfortunately, life doesn’t let us just remain in neutral. As the NFL coach said, you are either improving or getting worse.

Each day is made up of ‘touches’ where we interact with people we meet, books we read, things we say and thoughts we allow. All these things are the daily building blocks of our life and they are either helping us improve or allowing us to decline. If you really want to test this theory, ask yourself if you are better in any way or worse in any way than you were last week. Have you learned anything in the past week that you didn’t know before? The mind and the will of a person is very powerful and so much about life is believing you can improve coupled with the hope for a better future.

I think this means to just try a little harder this week than you did last week. Give just a little more of yourself to whatever it is you do. Life is not played on a field with an end zone, rather it is played over a lifetime of days and moments that hopefully see us better tomorrow than we were yesterday. KT

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