Yorkie Dogs

Yorkies are probably the cutest, funny, liveliest and hardest to train of all dog breeds. You can’t get mad them because they look at you with those little soft eyes and they pretty much get a pass.

We have a little nine-month-old female Yorkie and she thinks she is the boss. Our little fat Sheltie just lets her run all over him. Literally. She climbs on his back like a jungle gym. Someone ask me the other day if she was house trained and I said sure, she only poops in the house.

Our first Yorkie (passed away in 2012) was a male and Elaine loved that dog like a dog hasn’t ever been loved. She would coddle that rascal every evening and the little mutt would sleep with us up next to Elaine. The funny thing was that Elaine’s favorite room in our house is the formal dining room and I kid you not, that little dog would poop under her dining room table almost every day like it was gift he left just for her. Ha. The worst scolding, he ever got didn’t even faze him because he knew he wasn’t really in trouble.

So now to the new female puppy, Sophie. My favorite room in the house is my home office and guess where she wants to poop? You guessed it, my office!

Therefore, if you want a dog that you can’t help but love and will alert you if the wind blows and one that you can’t ever fully train, get a Yorkie. KT

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