Wishing for a better life is not enough. Many people wish they had a better life but don’t want it bad enough to change. It is like wishing you were in good physical shape and imagining running a 10k and crossing the finish line, yet not actually getting off the couch. Ha.

If you could wish for one thing and only one thing and know that the wish would be granted, what would you wish for? That is a very good question and one that is not easy to answer. What wish would make the most impact on your long term life and the life of your family? Take lottery winners for instance. Do you know that in most cases the money they win destroys their life and the life of those closest to them? There is something deep within each of us that wants to earn what we have and not have it given to us. There is a peace and life contentment that comes with striving to make something of yourself and earning it.

So we all should know and realize that free money, unearned money or winning the lottery is probably not what your one wish should be. Over the years I have worked with many older children of wealthy parents that found themselves owning hotels that their family built with wealth that their parents built. You would be surprised how many of these children are spoiled, lazy and leave a ruined life in their wake. They obviously thought that having wealth given to them would fulfill them. Many times it turns out to be the worst thing that could happen to them.

Let me tell you a bible story about King Solomon. Solomon was King David’s son and he had everything. Literally everything. He became king when he was just a boy and God told him he would give him any thing his heart desired. This boy asked God for wisdom and an understanding heart instead of riches and gold. The result was he became the wisest person to have ever lived and his wealth was so great it could not be calculated. No other human will ever have a level of wisdom and understanding that surpasses that of Solomon.

Wishing for something is just that, wishful thinking. The real test becomes if you are willing to make a change that will result in what you have wished for. I wish I was in better shape, the answer is to start getting in shape. I wish I a better relationship with my children, the answer is to start trying to repair that relationship. I wish I had a better education, the answer is to go get a better education. I wish I had a retirement plan, the answer is to start saving with this Friday’s paycheck. The list could go on and on but the central truth is that wishing something would change will get you nowhere. Acting toward change will start you going anywhere. KT

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