Why men are simple creatures

Short answer, men don’t really need a lot.

Clothes – men only need a few pairs of pants, four shirts, three pair of shoes, several sweaters and the occasional mandatory suit and they are good to go

When traveling – a small carry on with one change of clothes is all we need. No need to ever go to baggage claim. No extra shoes because we wear the same ones two days in row. Imagine that. No need for hair products, creams etc. because we use that little hotel bar of soap to bath with, wash our hair with and shave with. Three in one, there you go. It takes us eight minutes to shower, shave, dress and be in the lobby. When we travel, we wear the same clothes all day long, hence the need for only a small carry on.

Other men – We don’t ever have to worry about what other men think about what we wear. The truth is a man could wear the same clothes five days in a row and no other man would even notice, yet alone say anything. Our phone calls last less than a minute and there is never any personal emotion involved. If a person forgets to invite us to something, we can still be friends. Men never RSVP to anything because we really don’t want to go anyway.

Conflict – men are like dogs. Just give us a little pad on the head and we love you again. We just hang out with one mood all day long and just happy to be there. We can get mad with someone and 30 minutes later see if they want to go eat lunch together. Men can generally forgive quickly and move on to the next thing. We can however get riled up if someone tries to hurt someone we love, tries take something from us or lies about us. Then its on.

Relax – all we need is a good meal, our dog close by and control of the TV remote. That’s pretty much it.

Rooms in the house – men own two places in the house. One small closet and the garage (can I get a whoop whoop). The garage is man land and we can design it how ever we want with zero complaints from anyone. I am convinced that most failed marriages start when the control of the garage is subject to interpretation. Ha

Going to the bathroom – men don’t care how nasty a gas station bathroom is because we don’t touch anything. If we really don’t like it, we can just step behind a tree and we are good.

Personal look – wrinkles are fine, gray hair is fine, bald is fine, no makeup, no nips, tucks, lifts etc. Men mostly have the same hairstyle all our life and if the color changes, the style never does. We don’t worry about wearing white shoes after Labor Day because we don’t have white shoes. Although if we did, you can bet we would wear them at Christmas. Nail clippers are the only treatment we need for our fingernails and toenails. Facial hair, no problem. If a man gets a spot on his favorite shirt he wears around the house, he just washes that one spot under the sink. The rest of the shirt is fine. ha

Christmas shopping – about two hours one afternoon and that is only because there might be a line.

When you think about it, given the simplicity of men, it’s amazing that women are even attracted to us. Ha.  There you have it. Why men are simple creatures. KT

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  1. Great post. I’m lucky. I have the garage and an area down status appropriately named “man land” for obvious reasons. A 55 inch flat screen, that’s constantly tuned to Baseball, Football (FCS), MotorTrend or an occasional rodeo. Decorated in whatever Household Six (my spouse) decided isn’t good enough for the family room or living room. There are decorations that are appropriate for a guy’s favorite teams, sports and activities that adorn the wall, a walkout double door. I have plans to put an HO railroad along the top of the walls so I’ll have some boyhood silliness in the room. At 68 I’m closer to boyhood adventures than I am to being an adult. And while the walls need a paint job and the carpet needs to be cleaned, it’s not filthy or grungy. It is “man land”

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