Who cares?

Remember this term, “those who care don’t matter and those who matter don’t care.” I am speaking about people who worry and wring their hands about what other people think or say. Obviously I am not taking about people that are close to you. What I am talking about is people who gauge their life and decisions based on what people that they don’t even know, think. In today’s society we have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Foursquare etc. and sometimes people get lost in life worrying about how to please people that don’t matter in their life. Looking again at the phrase at the top. More times than not, the people who act like they care and want to say things about you, usually are the people that don’t matter. The people that matter (like your family) are usually the ones who don’t care, meaning that they are not the ones that want to talk about you behind your back.

In the world of social media, one has to be very careful what they post on the internet about themselves and their family. I have seen many make mistakes in this area where people write things they wished they could take back. The problem is that once it is on the internet, it is accessible long term.

I know people who literally make decisions based on what other people think. They worry what people think about them and lose sleep based on someone’s opinion that really doesn’t matter in their life. This social environment where everything is subject to the opinions of others, may not be the healthiest way of making decisions and the healthiest way to live.

I remember when I was young going to my grandparent’s farm. My granddaddy didn’t care if someone else thought he should buy a green tractor or a red one. He didn’t ask if other people thought he should plant beans or corn. Sure, it was a simpler time in life but it was also not cluttered with social media and everyone knowing every time you walked outside. Their idea of social media was seeing their friends on Sunday at Beechwell Baptist Church in Campbell Missouri and actually having human conversations about what was going on in their lives. Sounds simple but it also sounds smart. KT

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  1. Yes, Keith those were the days I remember so well. LOL, who do you know that grows pop corn now days. Our grandfather was ahead of his time.

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