When we become immune to tragedy

I was reading and listening to the news last night and looked at all the tragedy all over the world. I had a very humbling thought. The thought was, how we become so immune to the difficulties, hurt and pain of other people. Yesterday the news covered the train crash in Philly, 50 people dying when a banquet hall was attacked by bad guys, the earthquake in Nepal etc. The article of Tom Brady being suspended for 4 games for letting the air out of the footballs was right beside the articles on tragedy.

It would be my guess that more people read the Tom Brady article than the other ones and got up and got some ice cream and started watching TV. We see death so often we have become accustom to it and it doesn’t have the effect it used to.

It important for us to never become insulated and immune to human tragedy. Each of those people that died this week likely left behind family members, spouses, children, mothers and dads. Pray for our world because it is hurting. Hug you family tonight and tell them you love them and don’t put off letting those around you know that you love them. Tell your kids every day even if they think they are too big hear it. Grab them, hug them and kiss them. Even if they “act” like it doesn’t matter, trust me, they will remember it long after you have passed on. Seize today because you don’t know what tomorrow holds but you do know who holds tomorrow. KT

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