When more is not enough

Have you ever had so much of something that you take it for granted. Its like ice cream, if you have 20 gallons in the freezer and eat three bowels every night, it wouldn’t mean as much as if you only had it on special occasions.

Funny story that will explain this subject. I have a little fat Sheltie dog that I love, and he loves me. We also have a 4 lb. Yorkie that thinks she is the boss of the world. When we get home from work, after we take them outside, we put them together in the laundry room where their food and water is. The little fat Sheltie will lay around and hardly eat anything. A full bowel of food just sitting there, and he just takes it for granted.

When I put him in the crate at night, I will always get a handful of the food (same food that was in the bowel) and put it in his crate, and he just scarves it up like he hadn’t eaten in a week. I guess he thinks it is a different food. Makes me laugh. He has the whole handful of food wolfed down before I can get his crate door closed. Its like he is saying,” oh daddy that is so good.”  Ha

The point – think about your life, relationships, friendships, and family and be careful to not take them for granted. You may see them every day and not think each time is special, but just ask yourself, what I would do if I lost them suddenly? Then the moments become so much more valuable to you. KT

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