When anxiety and fear are knocking on the front door

Anxiety and fear often knock on our front door. It is our choice to leave them outside or invite them in. let me say that again, it is our choice.

Think spiritually and in the vernacular with me for a second. Think about the rooms in your house and how many of them there are. Dining rooms, family rooms, bedrooms etc. Now think about the rooms (areas) in our life. Family, children, education, spiritual, work, finances etc. Got all that?

Anxiety and fear want to come in your home and you may only let them into one room of your home. The problem is that they are not satisfied in only one room. Once they are in they will inhibit the other rooms as well. It is like poison ivy, once it gets on you it spreads. You may say that a little ivy on your leg is not that bad and you can deal with it but we all know what happens when it starts spreading.

Anxiety and fear are like that. They knock constantly to be let in but once they are in, they will affect other rooms. Spiritually speaking, you may let them on your finances and before you know it, they are effecting your family, children, work and other areas of your life.

Don’t open the door and don’t let them get in and start spreading. Tell them to go knock on somebody else’s door. KT

One thought on “When anxiety and fear are knocking on the front door

  1. The way I keep those poison ivy leaves away is praise to Almighty God. I have been through some stuff but I thank Him in every situation even if I don’t know why it happened the way it did. With every praise I give God the enemy runs the other way. Amen.

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