When all else fails

Have you ever been in a situation that you just cannot seem to push through? You try and try but just can’t get the peg in the hole. It’s funny in that we pray for God’s will and even ask him to just “show” us his will. The funny part is that sometimes we don’t want to accept it when he shows us. We continue to push and push and get frustrated because it doesn’t work out.

We have a term in our business called “being a seller.” It means that in our business the most important thing in a transaction is to have a ready, willing and able seller. In real estate school they teach you to define it as a ready, willing and able buyer but that is not true. It’s the seller that you need.

So in life when that other person just won’t do what you think they ought to do or there is obstacle after obstacle that comes up, it may just be God standing there at the intersection with a stop sign trying to get you to stop. He knows what the turn options are and you don’t. Sometimes just pulling over and stopping is the most wise thing you can do. KT

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