What you’ll never see at a funeral

Picture any funeral you have ever attended. Think about the pictures that are near the casket and imagine the things people said about the deceased person. Now, imagine the PowerPoint picture presentation at the reception along with the sweet, gentle music that plays in the background.

Got the image?

What you’ll never see at a funeral is a picture of their car, house, bank account, boat, etc. When the family and friends stand up to share about their life, they don’t hold up a picture and say, “this is a picture of his car and the car cost x,” or “this is the list of the stocks he owned at the time of his death and this was his net worth”


Because after you have died, all those things don’t mean anything. The only thing that is discussed is your life, your family, and what you stood for when you were alive.

In your life now, while you still can, it would be good to remember what people will be talking about at your funeral because it will give you some perspective on what is important and what is not. KT

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