What to do when someone tells a lie about you

We have all probably had this happen before when someone tells a lie about you. The question is, what do we do about it?

This happened to me recently. Over the past 3 weeks, a person was told a lie about me and believes it. This person has a very trusted advisor who is also a very close friend of mine who heard the lie being told and choose not to step in to straighten it out with the truth. What do you do? I of course told the person that it was not true and never happened but it is funny how believing a lie can cloud the truth when it is exposed. The person’s advisor who is my friend, will have to live this.

There are just some things that God has to handle. This is one of them. We as humans do all we can but at some level have to understand that talking about it, texting about it, emailing about it is doing no good. See, this is where Satan lives and what he lives for.

I am going to give you a little bible here. Tithing is the act of giving a percentage of all your income to God (your church) regardless of how small or how large. Tithing is the single greatest investment you will ever make. Here is why. Malachi 3:10 and 3:11 deals with tithing. Many people only read 3:10 but don’t bother reading 3:11. Since the financial realm is so terribly difficult for people to trust and have faith in, that is what makes 3:11 so beautiful. To my knowledge this is the only place in the bible where God tells us he will fight the fight on our behalf. All the other areas of our life he equips us to deal with the situation but he will not do it for you. Malachi 3:11 (in the Keith Thompson commentary) tells us that he will protect what we do for a living and will not let other people destroy what we have built.

It is kind of like that Prudential Insurance commercial where the guy has a red umbrella in the rain. This passage of scripture doesn’t mean you will never get wet or never make a mistake but I believe given the course of your life, that if you are a tither, you will look back on the years of your life and realize that God was with you many more times that you may have thought. KT

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  1. Amen, Keith. There are some situations that only God can handle. I have learned over the years the quicker I give it to God to handle the quicker I can forgive it and go on because He’s got this. It can be difficult to go on without strife but God is faithful.

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