What to do in the middle of stress

Our company, Hotel AG is involved in something this week that is proving to be a tad stressful. On me. This situation has consumed my thoughts for the past week and partially my thoughts for the past eight weeks.

I think with all big decisions in life, in order to gain perspective, you need to envision the worst case scenario before you can get past the decision at hand. You also need to take an inventory of your life and as has been preached for generations, count your blessings. I mean literally count your blessings as you think about your life, your health, your family, your children, your home etc. I find that so many times we forget or overlook what blessings we already have when in fact, these are the very aspects of life that help you gain and keep perspective.

It is my guess that you could go to the local Starbucks or a shopping area and sit for five minutes and you will see someone else that will reinforce to you how blessed you really are. It is easy to take the goodness in our lives for granted and to just assume you will continue to have that goodness.

Last night I couldn’t sleep so I went into the family room to read for a while and looked down below one of the bar stools and on the floor were a pair of little pink fuzzy house slippers that belong to my youngest granddaughter. I picked them up and held them and gently put them on bar stool and realized at that moment what a simple blessing it was to hold those pink slippers and to know that my little granddaughter is healthy, happy and full of joy. It is these little small details that give us a glimpse into a blessed life that help us get through what we think is a big issue. In reality, it helps us understand that the big issue is the little pink slippers and the small issue is the work thing. KT

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