What do you do when your plans fall apart?

At the start of 2020, most everyone had wishes, hopes, dreams, objectives and goals for how they wanted 2020 to go. Over the past five months, most of those plans have changed.

Do you roll up in a ball and just wait for 2021? No, you don’t. You still get up each morning and wash your face and keep on keeping on. You work at it and then you work at it some more and you will eventually get through it. These past five months have been devastating to many industries, jobs, families, lives, health and livelihood, but sitting down and crying about isn’t going to change anything.

A smart person once said, it is amazing how much better you get at something the more you practice at it. Well, today and for the past five months I feel like I have been just practicing (ha) but with practice and consistency comes great reward and great satisfaction.

In life you can’t be rigid in your thinking and your planning. Take any family vacation you have ever been on and you know that whatever the plan may have been at the beginning, there were always changes that needed to be adopted. It is that way in life also. If you have an exact plan and then get upset when things don’t go accordingly, you are just going to end up frustrated. You can’t control what you can’t control but you can control how you respond to it.

There are some people if their plan is disrupted, they lack the ability to recalculate and respond to the change. They just give up. Don’t be one of these people. I love the military special forces units like the Rangers, Green Berets, Navy Seals, Marine RECON units. If you study these units, you will find that they have THE plan and then they have all kinds of contingency plans if events change. Very rarely do you see them at a loss of what to do. No, they don’t wring their hands and worry. They just move to their back up plans.

That is what I am saying today. Just because the plan you had earlier in the year has changed, be thankful that you are alive and well and able to keep learning and moving forward. Stay flexible in your thinking and able to respond positively to change. KT

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