Wanting what you once had

Sometimes people don’t appreciate what they currently have until they no longer have it. Perhaps it is something in their life they took for granted and wished they had paid more attention to it when they had it. This could be relationships, family, finances, health etc. and the list could go on. There are times people wish they could roll back the clock to a time before decisions were made that altered their life as they know it. Every one of us have made decisions we wished we could undo. It’s called life.

If we all have made decisions we wish we could undo, then you might ask, what is the answer. The answer is, there are decisions that can easily be remedied and then there are decisions that can take time to repair. The real spiritual question is, did God know you were going to make that decision before you did it? The resounding answer is yes, he did. If you believe that (which I do) then God, being God, would already know what you need to do about it if you would simply humble yourself and ask. We all make mistakes in our lives and the revised plan (in our mind) may not be as perfect as the original plan but the funny thing is that God can pick up the pieces and restore us in unimaginable ways. Literally, in ways you cannot imagine.

When you are following a GPS in your car and miss a turn, it will announce that it is recalculating your route. In much that same fashion, God will redirect your route in life so you still end up at the appointed destination. One such poor decision I remember well was investing in some restaurants only to find myself in great debt with a very uncertain future. It would take a long time to explain all the happenings, but God redirected my future in a way that was unimaginable to me and used that loss as the basis for me being able to sell hotels today. Keep in mind that we view life in short contexts like this week or this year and God views our life over a longer period. He is the only one that can see our future and know best how to get us there.

I want you to hear this. We make a mistake and think, this will determine the rest of my life where God sees how the mistake can move us to where he wants us to be. There is never a perfect rebound in life but I believe if we put our trust in him, he will direct our paths forward. This is easy to believe with our minds but very hard to accept with our hearts. When you are in the middle of a life decision that appears to have gone wrong, remember what the bible says in Galatians 6:9. “Let us not become weary in well doing, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” KT

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