Two generations

That is generally how long you have to teach your family. It may be sad to say but in real life, your influence and impact usually extends for two generations. Your children and your grandchildren. Beyond that, it is unlikely your great grandchildren will be old enough to understand, interact with and be influenced by you. Kind of humbling isn’t it?

The difference maker is your written words that will remain after the lord calls you home. Take me for instance. At the age I am now, I would dearly love to have a diary, letters or life advice from my great grandparents and great great grandparents. How cool would it be to read my families words from the 1800’s about what life was like and the decisions they made and the life they lived. I have intimate knowledge of my parents and grandparents (two generations) but I was not old enough to be influenced by their parents. Hence the blog topic.

There are many people that never get to live out a full life and do not get the chance to love, lead and make an impression on their children and grandchildren. So if you have this opportunity, do not squander the time and miss the moments because I am told, that these become the most precious possessions when you get late in life.

Most people do not leave a legacy and written words for generations that come behind them and therefore beyond two generations, it is usually a gravestone that tells a short story outlined in the craved granite.

Tell them in writing what you believe and why and tell them about your life in 2017 and what the world is like now. In a hundred years these words will be valuable to your future family. KT

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