Turns in the road

I have a friend of mine who was going to buy a car for his son, and they found the perfect car six hours away. They spoke with the seller who owned the car and were emailed pictures of the car; it looked perfect for the son. They got the cash together and left early on a Sunday morning to drive six hours. They pulled up to the address and rather than a person’s private home, it was a used car lot. The car had a busted window, rust, and was basically a dog of a car. They had been lied to. My friend looked at the guy that had lied about the car and almost hit him because they had just driven six hours. He didn’t hit the man; rather, minutes later they just left and headed back home.

After their anger subsided, the father told the son to get on his phone and see if there were any other cars between where they were and Atlanta. He found a car on Craig’s List in South Georgia, called, and the seller met them at the interstate with the car. While the car needed washing, it was perfect. They bought the car on site, and they bought the car for five thousand dollars below market value. The car was perfect in every way for my friend’s son.

Here is the point– had they not gone to see the other car, which turned out to be terrible, they would not have seen the car they actually bought. The friend of mine told me it was just a God thing and you know what, I believe him.

If I look hard at my own life regarding jobs, investments, and career, I can see with clarity God’s hand in various moves I have made. Many times, like my friend with the car, I was frustrated and didn’t understand why things had happened. It is only when you look back over the scope of your life that many times you can see God’s hand in all the moves and decisions, even though you couldn’t see it at the time.

Just because a door has closed that you thought should and would be opened, it doesn’t mean God isn’t at work to move you into the position he wants you to be. So, the advice of the Bible is always real and always timely and that word says “be still and know that I am God.” KT

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