There is room at the top, but you might have to use your elbows

If I have learned anything in commercial real estate it is this, no one is going to save you a seat at top. You will need to muscle your way in and will probably get a bloody nose in the process. No one just shows up and gets a seat at the table. Isn’t it really that way in most areas of life?

I think sometimes about other areas of our life such as education, financial, health, socially, parenting, relationships and the list could go on for pages. I don’t know of one area that is easy except for physical looks. There are just some people that are naturally pretty or good looking and have that part easy. Clearly, I was in the wrong line when they were passing out looks. Ha. But other than that, life is a struggle, and you will have to work for it and maybe even use your elbows to make room.

Here is a little tidbit for you. 80% of all real estate agents quit within five years. Of that percentage, 80% quit within the first year. Similarly, 60% of all restaurants fail in their first year and 80% fail within five years. Last tidbit – All sales companies combined, 20% of salespeople sell 80% of everything sold. Do you see a pattern?

If you summed all this up, the greatest ability you could have is availability, and in business, the greatest attribute you could have is integrity. Also, maybe some good elbows pads.  Even the best educated, best looking, best dressed, best pedigree, and best everything still must climb the mountain right along side the rest of us. KT

2 thoughts on “There is room at the top, but you might have to use your elbows

  1. Don’t sell yourself short man. You’re a handsome fellow. Even in your senior years you still look sharp. I’ve always admired that about you. You always look professional, even when you’re wearing shorts at a family reunion. LOL

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