The word Moment, is a powerful word

The word moment is a powerful word because your life and my life are made up of them. A life is an accumulation of moments. At the end of your life I believe your memory plays the picture slides of your life. These moments define who you are.

I thought the other day about what is most important in our lives. If your house caught on fire, what you take with you? Think about that question a little bit. What would you take with you? In most situations like this, people make sure and get the family safely from the house. If time permits, the second thing they would take are the pictures and memories of the family.

What you don’t see are people running back into the burning house to save the trophies they have won in sales or sports. They also don’t go get the furniture, dishes from the china cabinet, clothes, shoes, TVs and cars. They get the important things.

With that in mind, I believe what you would go get from a burning house should tell you what is most important in your life. Moments are just that, a moment. A snapshot in time that stays with you for the rest of your life. A memory of a simple time that brought you perhaps joy, love and peace. These are the things that we cling to because they mean the most to us.

As this Christmas season comes upon us, remember the ones that mean the most to you and do your best to be in the moment when you are hugging your children, kissing your spouse, loving on your grandchildren. Don’t be thinking about something else you need to do and miss that moment because you may never have that snapshot of time again. KT

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