The movie “Click” with Adam Sandler

The movie “Click” should be a required movie for every parent and especially young moms and dads.

In the movie, Adam Sandler gets all caught up in life with work, kids, and trying to get ahead in the world. One night, he goes to a store and meets a guy who sells him a universal remote (like a tv remote) that would control his life. He found that when things at home were stressful, he would click fast forward, and it would speed his life past those moments. In his work, he could use the remote to speed his career to the point he would get a promotion.

What he didn’t know was that once he fast forwarded through say a tough time at home, the remote would automatically fast forward every time there was a tough time. It did the same thing for his work.

The first time he used the fast forward feature it zipped through maybe an hour of dealing with the kids or family issues. The second time it was a few days, then a few months, then a few years had been fast forwarded through.

In the end, he missed his life, moments that made up his life, all the wealth and everything he wanted in life. See he was an old man that had chosen to speed through the uncomfortable times to get to where he thought he wanted to be only to find out he had actually missed his life.

The movie ending is one of the greatest of all time because he woke up and realized it had been all a bad dream. He realized he was still young and could make a difference in his children’s life and could actually live life like he had a second chance. He rushed home and woke up the kids, started packing for a camping trip he had been putting off, and kissed his wife. He basically got to start over and got a “do over” from this life-changing dream. He chose to be in the moment rather than skip through it; he decided to make the most of his life.

When the job is rough, children are young, everything is a mess, and you just want to escape, this movie will bring you back into perspective. It will help you see how beautiful life is, how amazing time is, and what a gift time is.

If you haven’t seen the movie, go watch it. If you have seen it, go watch it again. KT

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