The hungry dog runs faster

Animals are very instinctive in their nature. We have two dogs, and I can tell you that food, is the number one incentive in a dog’s life.

Even though this blog title talks about dogs, the blog is not about dogs. A hungry dog is a metaphor for the human drive to be your best.

In business, you got to want it. You got to be hungry (not literally) to succeed. I am sure there may be some businesses that you don’t need to work hard or try hard (like the Kardashians) and still succeed, but in the real world, you need to want it more than your competition. I sell hotels and I can tell you; you have to get after it hard to succeed in my line pf work.

It is probably that same way with your business or where you work. We don’t think in these terms but regardless of your role, title, business, or job, we are all salesmen. Every call you make, every meeting you attend, every time you interact with other people, you are selling yourself.

I have been Quail hunting several times and those hunting dogs have always amazed me. The well fed and lazy dog acts like he is doing you a favor to chase a bird down. The hungry dog is always on point and working hard. He is hungry for success. He wants it, bad. That is the way we should look at life. Hungry to be the best version of ourselves we can be.

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