The hour I first believed

The great old Baptist hymn Amazing Grace, was written in 1779 by John Newton. For many people over the 236 years the song has been repeated, there is a part that speaks to each person. That part for me is the end of the second verse that reads “the hour I first believed.”

I think we all know that salvation is not triggered when you walked down the aisle in a church or shake the pastor’s hand. For many, that is the point in your personal life when you made your decision public. For others, that is in fact the hour you first believed. You heard the word and believed it in your heart. The moment salvation happens is the moment and hour that you became a believer in Jesus Christ as the son of God.

I walked down the church aisle and made a public profession of faith when I was but a wee lad. I was probably 5-6 years old. My personal salvation experience did not happen on that day, rather it happened over time. There was a point when I was beyond the age of accountability that I knew in my heart that Jesus is the son of God and became a believer. Many people can look back with clarity to the hour they first believed. For me, my hour was over a period of time when all doubt was removed and I knew in my heart that Jesus was real. To this very day if I am asked why I believe, my answer is simple. When the lights are out, and it is just you and your maker in the room, I can say with all certainty that I know there is a God and I know him personally. I know when I pray, I have just walked boldly into the throne room of all throne rooms and just got face to face with God almighty. He always puts his other files away and turns to me and with the eye of a savior and listens to my every word. His eyes know it all and has seen it all. I mean all of it. He knows every good and every not so good part of my life and yet he still loves me. If you want to know a love and an acceptance that will never change, there it is. It is only found in God.

If this is not what you experience, I trust you will find the hour in your own life when you first become a believer. KT

3 thoughts on “The hour I first believed

  1. Keith,
    I really enjoy reading these posts. You should seriously consider compiling these into a daily devotional. You’d only need 365 of them. You should be getting close to that, if you aren’t there already.

    1. Thank you my brother for your kind words. This whole thing started by me wanting to write some thoughts and ideas for my daughters and grand children. I used to think, how great it would be to have a life instruction manual from my great grand fathers, grand fathers, mom or dad. I think there is very few things more precious that words given down through generations. I would challenge you to start writing your thoughts for your children and children’s children to have and read so they will know who you were. Be safe and thank you again for the kind words. KT

  2. I love the simple way you love God. So often people make is complicated and it’s not. Just talk to Him and love Him.

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