The Hereafter

Since this past weekend, I have thought a lot about the hereafter. I had a good friend pass away on Saturday and he was far too young to have left us.

You will see and hear many people say and or write that there is nothing after death. I could be wrong, but I believe people say those things when they themselves are in health, bills paid and when life is good, and they are safe. I also believe that when those very same people find themselves at the one-yard line of life looking into eternity, I don’t think they really believe what they have been saying. Its like a soldier saying there is no God while he is still safe in his cot on base, but I suspect that very same soldier will start praying when he is in the heat of battle.

This morning I talked with an old friend of mine and he told me about when his wife passed away. He said “Keith, I was holding her hand and she looked up and said, there are two men coming to get me and then closed her eyes for the last time.” He said, “anyone that doesn’t believe in God and the hereafter should have seen my wife’s face relax in complete peace when that moment came.” He went on to say,” I have always believed in God but that day, and at that moment, I knew with certainly it was real.”

He also said something to me that I have never thought about. He said. “there are people that go through life tight-fisted, not letting go of money and sometimes hurting others to keep control of money.” He then ask me, “have you ever seen a body after death with their fists clenched?” No, you haven’t because regardless of how you live your life, with open hands you will leave it all when you pass away.”

Here is the thing, regardless of what you have been taught or believe, that moment is coming for everyone. For some, they won’t have time to make those final decisions so why not make them well in advance. KT

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