The greatest Christmas gift you can give yourself

The greatest Christmas gift you can give yourself is to start changing what you know you need to change in your life. All of us have things in our life that we know we need to change, but we refuse to get started. It could be losing weight, ridding yourself of habits, fixing a relationship, changing the way we plan, changing the way we think, getting anger under control, tithing, attending church, reading more, or any of the things that you know you need to change. You know in your heart that you need to change.

These things you need to change have probably been on your mind for some time, maybe even for years. Why not today make the decision to start.

Why not wake up Christmas morning in 7 weeks knowing in your heart that you have already started to change what needs to be changed in your life. Set Christmas 2014 as the timing goal. Some goals can be reached by Christmas and some will take longer to accomplish, but the main thing is to be on your way toward achieving the goal.

I read last week that one of the best things you can do for yourself and your family is to lose weight and be healthier. Wouldn’t that be a great gift to give yourself and your family this Christmas? Many of us always have advice for others on how to fix their lives, yet we don’t do the deep changing in ourselves.

Get an image in your heart of what your life will be like when you accomplish what you know you need to do and imagine how you will feel. Really get that image locked in your mind. The definition of a real goal rather than a wish is something that is definable and measurable. A wish for a happier life is not a goal but just that, a wish. A goal is a specific change in your life that you can measure and that you believe will help you be happier.

So 7.5 weeks, 52 days, why not? KT

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