The God Combination

The term God combination is how I refer to the following:

Your look, eye movement, speech, hair, mannerisms, the way you walk, the cadence of your voice, the conviction in your speech, hand movement, height, weight, the look in your eyes, the dilation of your pupils, your smile, your frown etc. Also how you slow or speed up your words for hidden meaning, your focus, intensity, actions, etc.

I could go on for 3 pages on just the various things that make up your combination that is unique to only you. There has never been and ever will be a person with your same combination. You are a one and only creation.

I have always said that real life connections happen in person. You cannot see any of the above personality traits in emails, texts, phone calls or websites. It only happens in person.

The point is to recognize that you were created for a purpose and given a combination by God that only you have. I cannot express the importance of this. You really need to let what I am saying today move from your mind to your heart. Basically, not only hear it, but also understand it. It could just be the piece of wisdom that changes your life as you know it and it could be just the piece of wisdom that finally allows you to except yourself and to stop trying to change who you are. Self-love, self-respect and self-esteem are literally the cornerstones of a confident, happy and successful life. You may need to read this blog several times a day so it can move your spirit to where you understand what this means. It means God created you just the way he wants you to be.

I have seen this in action probably thousands of times where I have had a phone call or email exchange with a new client that was just ok. Ok, but not great. That was followed up with a face to face meeting and in the meeting, everything changed. It is in the meeting where the other person sees firsthand the combination of you and decides if they like you and can trust you. This is where the magic happens in our personal life and in business.

In summary, I may be ugly, marginally intelligent and have a speech impediment,,,, but that is the combination God wants me to have. I don’t know why but it is what it is. I can spend my life trying to be someone I am not or I can make the decision to embrace who I am and get on with life. I suspect you have that same decision to make. KT

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