The difference between work and life

Work is that thing you do to make money and life is all the other aspects and moments.

Seems so simple, yet so many people miss life thinking about work. I have always admired people who have mastered the ability to be mentally where they were physically. What I mean is, when you are with your family, are you really there or somewhere else in your mind? Be engaged when you color with your children or read stories at bedtime or just sit together in front of the fireplace. The term is to “be there” and I think that term says it all.

The invention of the blackberry to the workaholic was like getting hooked on crack cocaine. People in business renamed it the crackberry instead of the blackberry because people would bring it home and look at it constantly. The IPhone just exacerbated it with all the fancy apps, videos, texts, emails and Facebook etc.

Trust me when I tell you, when you get older in life, you will not remember all the work you did when it was family time. What you will remember is all the family time you missed while your mind was on work.

My late father in-law had the ability to turn it off when he left work and be fully engaged when he got home. I went fishing with him a number of times and I can tell you for a fact, when he was fishing, he was NOT thinking about work. When he fished, by God that man fished like his life depended on it.

The point of the blog post is to be there in the moments of your life. They are the things you will remember as you get older. KT

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