The Devil’s Flip Chart

This blog post is about a subject we all should have a deep understanding about. The Devil does not want you to prosper, be healthy, or succeed. That’s it. The way he interrupts our lives is through images of failure he wants us to dwell on.

What am I talking about? In life, you will be going along and all of the sudden, a thought or image will pop into your mind. That image is almost always of your insecurities, fears and failures from the past. He uses these images to derail good things happening in our lives. Examples of the images could include that you are not smart enough, you are not pretty, you are not liked, you are a poor leader, you are not a good mother or father, you stutter (for me), you will not succeed, people laugh at you behind your back, you need to lose more weight and then people will like you, you will die young, someone will break into your home and hurt you, something terrible will happen to a loved one, you will never succeed, you will fail, etc.

Got the idea?

I call it the Devil’s flip chart because he whips out his flip chart every day and says to himself, “what can I get him/her to believe today.” I think he stands at the end of your driveway (spiritually speaking) each morning, and his job is to cause you to stumble that day. This blog post is about reading the enemy’s playbook so the next time this happens to you, you will know how to handle it.

The other day I was just going along fine and then I had one of the above images pop into my mind. It caused me to pause, which was exactly what the Devil wanted to happen. I had to face it down with words of affirmation until the thought ended. If you don’t face the first image down, he will keep adding images until you are afraid, insecure and ready to quit. That is his plan every single day of your life.

Don’t give the Devil a place in your mind and if he tries, whisper the words “get thee behind me Satan.” When you whisper those words, he has no choice but to obey because it is written in the Bible as the instructions on how to fight negative or fearful images. KT

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