Talkers and doers

In business and life, there are people that talk about it and then there are people who do it. We all know people that have all the advice and all the answers, yet have never done it themselves.

You know the type. They stand over on the side and talk with such conviction and knowledge about all subjects and seem to derive their self-image by acting like they know what they are talking about. Be careful and beware of these people.

Yes, they know everything about everything and exactly what needs to be done in every situation. I remember a person from years ago that I knew well; he just had to be the lead dog in every conversation. Yes, he knew it all, yet never did anything with his own talent. I used to play a quiet game with him just to see how far he would go. I would start talking about a subject, which was random, and every time I laid the line out he took the hook and knew all about it. Most of what he said was hogwash, but he looked good doing it.

Why am I telling you about this? Be careful who you listen to and who influences your life. The person you want to listen to is someone who has been there, who knows what they are talking about, and who, in a genuine way, wants to help you. What you don’t need is the person who just talks about what ought to be done, but they themselves have never done it. Spend your time with doers and not talkers. KT

2 thoughts on “Talkers and doers

  1. You just described our compiance team–lawyers telling us how to write policies who’ve never even done it themselves.

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