Superman pose

It is common knowledge that we can physically make an action that will change our emotional state. This is a pretty deep subject that will take a week’s worth of talking to fully cover, but I will try to summarize it in a few paragraphs.

I heard someone talk about the Superman pose on a show the other day and it caught my attention. It basically means that while no one is watching, you strike a superman pose for 2 minutes before you go into a sales pitch, job interview, presentation etc. The physical aspect of head held high, chest poked out, feet wide apart and hands on the hip actually changes your emotional state.

Don’t laugh because many parts of this are true. Now I probably won’t be doing the Superman pose, but there is a real factual and spiritual truth to making a positive physical gesture even when you don’t feel emotional like it. It is like going into a meeting with a brisk step and smiling boldly and reaching for a hand shake, many times will set the precedence of the meeting. The opposite is going in shy, head lowered, reserved, sitting with your legs crossed and your arms folded over. It tells the person you are meeting with that you may be fearful.

The emotional atmosphere in most meetings and presentations is set within the first 2 minutes. I personally know that this is factually based and so very true. See, I stutter when I talk and the more confident I am the less I stutter. When my self-esteem falters in front of people, the more I stutter. Therefore, I have instinctively known for many years that I can fake my emotions out by making a physical bold gesture. It is incredible to feel your emotions about a situation actually began to change when you physically force them to change.

I know this sounds foreign and complicated and almost like a bunch of baloney, but please listen to me here. You can physically outsmart your emotional state by just “starting” to act (even though you don’t feel like it) positive and bold. So the next time you are going into an important meeting break out the superman pose before you go in. KT

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