Strange stress triggers

Sometimes there are physical things in our lives that we need to get rid of. I call these stress triggers. It could be something you keep putting up with as simple as an old outfit hanging in your closet or a lawn mower that doesn’t run, old car, boat, piece of furniture, trailer etc. Sometimes there are physical things we pass every day that cause us a little hitch in our gitty-up. I know this sounds strange, hence the title of the blog.

Very recently I have come to realize that I have one of these things in my life. It is something I see every day and every day that I look at it, I dislike it more than I did the day before.  Over the past week I was thinking about this item and realized that I need to get rid of it and need it out of my view and out of my life. Even if I must give it away. I simply need it to leave the premises.

I say, if it bothers you, clean it out and get rid of it. Home is supposed to be a place you enjoy coming to and relax. Not a place that constantly reminds you of things you need to do or of a poor decision you made when you bought that used set of tires you don’t need.  KT

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