Stay in your lane

You have probably seen folks on the interstate that move from lane to lane, slow down, go fast, hit the gas, and then the brakes; they basically make themselves a nuisance on the highway.

A lot of people are like that in life. They move from place to place, job to job, commitment to commitment, relationship to relationship, while trying to find their place in life. The Bible says that at times a wise man changes his mind. We have all made changes in our lives because we wanted to better ourselves and that is usually a wise thing to do. What the Bible does not say was that a wise man changes his mind all the time.

Sometimes, not all the time, a person would be better rewarded if they stayed in current job rather than changing for a few extra dollars. I have a family member that works for a global payroll company; she is very senior within the company and she has a good retirement, benefits, etc. I also have another friend that owned a national business that specialized in the exact same area that the family member also specializes in. Some years ago, there was some talk about trying to get the family member a job with that other company. She made the right decision to stay the course where she was and to make a career with her current employer. It was the right decision because the friend of mine that had the company is no longer in business. She would have moved to the new company and then been out of a job.

We all make moves and improvements in our career, homes, relationships, friendships, etc. The only person that can know the right answer for you is you. The only way you can know the right answer when the time comes is to seek counsel from a close friend and ask God to give you the wisdom you need to make that decision.

James 1:5 is one of my favorite passages of scripture because it says, “if you lack wisdom, ask me and I will give it to you and will not withhold it from you.” Many times, if we would have stood still and asked God what he wanted us to do, lane changes would have been avoided.

Am I saying that once you get on the interstate you should never change lanes? Absolutely not. What I am saying is before you make a big lane change in life, just stop, be still, and ask God first. KT

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