Standing back and really taking it in

I did something today I need to do a lot more often. I was outside and as I was leaving for work, I paused and stood still and and gave a word of gratitude to God for allowing me to be so blessed. I let the images of our life sweep over me. In those images I saw my wife, daughters, son in-laws, grandchildren, homes, health, and joy. It almost bought tears to my eyes when I really stopped and realized the life God has given me.

I have no doubt there are many people who are unable to do this, but this one man could. It was amazing how that brief reflection moment effected how I approached work today. Hopefully if you are reading this blog, you also have much to be thankful for and many reasons to choose joy in your life. Take a moment and go through your blessings and just maybe you will come away with the same gratitude as I felt this morning. KT

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