Slight temptation to quit

Yesterday, for the first time in nine months the thought crossed my mind to hang up my cleats and go home. Ha

I didn’t seriously consider it and would never do so, but it was the fact that the thought crossed my mind that gave me some pause. I have certainly failed before (restaurants, land development etc.) but I have never just outright quit and took my ball and went home.

The thing about quitting is the first time it is tough, the second time not as bad, the third time is easier and before you know it, you have developed a habit that could change the course of your life. For the past nine months, I have gone to work every day and have kept trying as best I know how. Why? Its simple. All my staff are watching me to see what I do. If the leader becomes discouraged, well, it’s easier for others to do the same thing. When we quit something it also teaches and shows our children something they don’t need to see.

Yesterday we lost a couple of deals that I thought were solid and it turned out to not be the case. Like many decisions, it was a choice I had to make. Do I get upset or do I push through it? As I was thinking about these options yesterday, I took a step back and did a quick inventory and realized that all my family is healthy and well and safe, and yesterday’s disappointment was just about money. Money shouldn’t drive the big decisions in our life, but it sometimes gets in the way.

I turned on some Christmas music let some Nat King Cole wash over me and after a few minutes I was ok. When I went home there was a magazine that had a picture of the Macy’s store at Christmas time in 1942. It was at the height of WWII, yet somehow those people in the picture still found some joy even though many of them probably had family members in harms way. Additionally, I looked closely and seeing no children in the picture, I realized that everyone in that picture has now passed away. When you see something like that, it is humbling.

Also, on Fox news yesterday there was an article about the Christmas wreaths that were laid at all the graves at Arlington National Cemetery that has thousands of service men and service women who gave their life for America.  I brushed off the disappointment of yesterday and chose joy over anxiety, peace over unrest, hope over dismay and the future over the past.

Maybe someone reading this blog has had some disappointments this year but take heart because if you are alive and reading this, there is hope, joy, peace and a future to look forward to. KT

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  1. Amen. Timing is a funny thing. Just today, I thought about taking my ball and going home. But , I turned on “Sing Unto the Lord a New Song” and It is well with my soul now. I wish you joy, hope, and peace too Keith.

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