Slick suits, hair gel and pointy toe shoes

Regards to style, I am probably as old fashion as it gets. I still have shirts hanging in my closet from 15 years ago. I have bought a few suits in recent years but all the old ones are still hanging beside their younger siblings.

In the business world, there are people that can carry off a hipster (my term) look and then there are people who just need to be who they are.

The Hipster look is described being a tad overly trendy. They are easy to spot in a crowd because they typically wear a slick (shiny suit,) hair gel, tight jacket with pants that come about two inched above the ankle (yea, that is really a thing,) no socks and pointy toe shoes. They always look real serious like they may be a bit constipated.

Again, there are people who can pull this off and then there is the rest of us. Without naming names, there are several public figures in their late 60’s who can dress like this and really look cool and relevant. Several weeks ago, I was in NY at a conference and I saw this older gentleman, clearly wanting to style and profile for everybody to see. The problem was, he just didn’t quite pull the look off. It reminded me of a pig trying to wear a wristwatch. It doesn’t matter how nice the watch is, it just doesn’t look right.

So, my styling advice for old dogs like me is to dress your age and don’t try to look like someone you’re not. The truth about what men wear, is that no other man will remember if you wear the same shirt two days in row. Ha. We just don’t compute those kinds of details. You never hear a man telling another man, Joe, you just wore that shirt and those shoes last week. No-siree. This is why in ever married couple’s house is a little section in the closet for the husband and then,,,, the rest for the wife. Women remember what people wear but men are oblivious to it. So, men if you find a pair of jeans or a shirt that you like, just go ahead and wear it several days in row. KT

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